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PostSubject: New Allies MOOP   New Allies MOOP Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 10:48 am

Here is the alliance agreement with MOOP:
Article 1: Non Aggression
All forms of in-game aggression between the members of MOOP and Light Sages are deemed illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, raids, fleet crashes, trading with planets at war with either alliance, and all forms of espionage, whether in-game or out. Both parties also agree to not publicly flame members of the opposite parties on the Ogame Forum, but to settle any disagreements or queries in private. Should MOOP or Light Sages feel a member of either alliance has broken these terms, a cessation in hostilities is to be sought and, if judged necessary, reparations are to be paid.

Article 2: Communication/ Trading
Both MOOP and Light Sages pledge to keep their lines of communication open to the other. Diplomats are encouraged to sign up and contribute on the other alliance’s forums, where it is expected they will be treated with courtesy and respect by the host alliance. Both MOOP and Light Sages are encouraged to make all trade offers known to each respective alliance, and encouraged to cooperate economically if needed.

Article 3: Information
Both MOOP and Light Sages agree that, should one party come into possession of information concerning the safety or standing of the other by any means, in game or out, they are bound to share it with the other party via private channels.

Article 4: Mutual Defense
MOOP and Light Sages agree to be bound together in times of war and peace. An attack upon one Signatory of this treaty is to be considered a declaration of war on the other.

Article 5: Optional Agression
Should either MOOP or Light Sages deem it necessary to enter a state of aggressive war with a third party, then the other signatory is encouraged to offer support in said war. Support is not mandatory, and completely at the discretion of the other signatory.

Article 6: Termination
A breach of any of the terms listed above is grounds for this treaty’s termination, but is not required. Either party may choose to terminate this ODP for any reason. Both parties have forty-eight (48) hours after the declaration of either party’s desire for the treaty’s cancellation before this treaty will cease to be in effect. All terms within will continue up until that deadline.
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New Allies MOOP
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